World Premiere of ‘My Brilliant Friend’ comes to #Teddington

The Rose Theatre Kingston will host the World premiere of ‘My Brilliant Friend’, a two-part adaptation of Elena Ferrante’s quartet of novels.

Niamh Cusack and Catherine McCormack lead the cast as Elena Ferrante’s intense portrait of an all-consuming female friendship in post-war Italy is brought to life for the first time on the Rose stage.

The two-part play is an exploration not just of female friendship and rivalry, but of post-war Italy and the decades of political turmoil and cultural change that followed.

This modern family saga chronicles the lives of friends, Elena and Lila, following them from their childhoods in a poor, tough neighbourhood of Naples, through passionate love affairs, burgeoning careers and family struggles. But even as life repeatedly tries to pull the two in separate directions, Elena and Lila remain inextricably bound to one another.

The rest of the cast includes Justin Avoth, Adam Burton, Martin Hyder, Victoria Moseley and Emily Mytton.

It will run from February 25th to April 2nd with audiences allowed to see both parts in one day.

Tickets are available from £5 from the theatre or alternatively call 020 8174 0090.


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