Heathrow criticised for jumping the gun on Government expansion decision

The latest consultation from Heathrow is ‘jumping the gun’ – according to Richmond, Wandsworth and Windsor and Maidenhead councils.

The consultation, which was launched by the airport last week, invites the public to put forward their views on various factors of the expansion scheme.

These include the design of the terminals and whether to bridge over or tunnel under the M25 to improve access. The consultation also looks at whether flights should be concentrated over a single area or spread out over several

However, the Leaders of three councils have slammed Heathrow for holding a consultation when the Government are yet to make a decision on whether or not the airport should be expanded at all.

Parliamentary scrutiny on the Governments proposals is still underway, with a vote by MPs due to happen later this year. As part of this process, tens of thousands of people have already had their say, making it clear that expansion at Heathrow is not deliverable.

The Leaders argue that any expansion of the airport would have a devastating impact on West London. Expansion would cause immense damage to the environment and people’s health, tear communities apart, see an unacceptable rise in noise and air pollution, and all this at a potential cost to tax payers of £15bn.

The latest Heathrow consultation fails to recognise any of this well documented feedback.

Confusingly, this latest consultation is also seeking residents’ initial views on how airspace and flight paths should be designed in the future  This is the first of several consultations, and presents scenarios on how severely communities might be affected.

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