Council announces Turing House gets closer to permanent site

Richmond Council announced the news that the Education Skills Funding Agency has finalised the land acquisition from the London Borough of Hounslow for a permanent site for Turing School, in Whitton.

Over the past 18 months, the Education Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) has been looking to find a permanent site for the school, citing that the current ite in Teddington is not large enough.

Following negotiations between the ESFA and Hounslow Council, who own the open space behind Hospital Bridge Road in Whitton, the acquisition is now complete.

Building the school on that site will be subject to planning permission and full community consultation as part of that process. It is expected that the planning application process, including an assessment of traffic implications, will commence in summer 2018.

Subject to planning consent, the new school facilities are likely to be ready for occupation in 2020. However, as the current facilities at Queen’s Road are unable to facilitate a further intake before then, the Council has stepped in to help bridge the gap so that the popular school can continue to run.

The Council has agreed to offer the use of a nearby school site, Clarendon School, in Hanworth Road, Hampton.

In addition, the Council also welcomes Turing House’s firm commitment that the school will review their admission policy if and when their planning application, expected to be submitted later this year, is approved.

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