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Teddington Featured Twice in Countryfile’s Acclaimed 2019 Calendar

The team here at Teddington Town like to think we can speak for most of residents, living in the the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, when we say how smug we are to live in, probably, the best part of London! We know how fortunate we are to have so many fabulous famous and iconic historic buildings, the river, Royal Parks, schools, sports facilities, shopping and much more, on our doorsteps.  And, the rare occasion, we feel the need for a change of scenery we only have to look to the M3, M4, M25 and Heathrow for our ‘escape’ routes!

There are endless features and statistics quoting the ‘fabness’ of the London Borough of Richmond. So when Teddington Town reviewed Countryfile’s acclaimed 2019 calendar, we noted it features not just one but two winning photographs taken in our own Bushy Park – January and March –!  This is no mean feat as 40,000 entered their captured images, hopeful, they will make the award winning final 12. The real prize is the £2m funds raised which will be added to the £50.5m raised for the BBC’s amazing Children in Need charity. Great to know Teddington is playing its part! and wishing you all a fabulous 2019!



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