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How to Write a Good Blog Post

If you are a regular blogger and are not finding enough conversions or traffic to your blog, it is time to worry. This is because you need to learn how to write a good blog post, which may include a few basic secrets for ultimate success. Here we will be discussing some secrets about the same making you learn how your blog post immediately converts.

You may have noticed that many users visit or read your post and just come and go with not many interests. This really sucks as the bounce rate is higher and there is no ranking and no conversions. To make it clear, you must note down that you just have 2-3 seconds to convince the user and if the user stays on your post at least 5 seconds, you are good to go. This is all the game of content nothing else.

Audience Evaluation

You better need to evaluate and understand your audience clearly. You better need to know what they are looking for and what they need. Moreover, you must understand who they are and where they come from. You need to do some research regarding the same using some defined tools i.e., SEMrush, Quora, and much more. These basic ones would tell you the keywords users are searching for and their interests.

Attractive/Captivating/Compelling Titles

As we said before, you just have 5-6 seconds to convince the coming users. If your headline or title is not captivating, you would have no chance if it to be shared or read. We always judge a book by its cover and the same applies to the visitor approaching you. It is better to use a headline analyzer to have some idea regarding the market value of your headline.


The role of subheadings in the blog post or content has become significantly important nowadays. This no doubt comes under formatting and is crucial for ranking and good bounce rates. Mostly, people go in the center of posts and check the content and design, etc. plus formatting, hence, you need to break your post with subheadings so that user stays and converts. Anything looking attractive to the user’s eyes is going to be beneficial for you.

Bullet Points

As we said, users skim before reading, therefore, you need to be sure if you have highlighted some good valuable information. Apart from subheadings, bullets are best to use as one can skim them easily. Like you can check bullets down;

  • Do write short sentences
  • Express properly
  • Give proper images

They can be of any style but mostly dot bullets are preferred.


Images can never be ignored especially their alt tags, editing, and compressing. They must give a good impact on users as they represent what is given in writing. It is the psychology of humans to process visual content faster than text; therefore, the image has to be presented beautifully with proper alt tags. Make use of Shutterstock or unsplash to overcome copyrights. One more thing, it should be of higher quality but as per the blog’s standard of dimensions.

Tips regarding how to write a good blog post never end but we have mentioned very few of them, which are the core ones. Others may include SEO optimization, Clear call to action statements, and much more. You can check online or any video for more knowledge


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