Best Watches of 2019

Many people are in great love with watches and they prefer buying expensive ones as per the affordability as well as investments they can make. Most of them are businessmen, business tycoons, good earning professionals, or even the students. They make for best watch this shopping habit to choose among many. It depends on the need as well as desire you have as per watch design as well as functionality i.e. some of them like having digital watches and some prefer to have analog ones. Mostly, the students or in fact the graduates prefer having digital watches but the same is not the case always. There are certain travel watches available too, which help the frequent travelers about GPS, directions, time, and much more. Special watches are designed for Muslim travelers too providing them with Qibla directions as well as pray timings frequently when needed.

Therefor sure exist many of them but let us define the three best of them, which stand out of the crowd and are loved by the wearers themselves. Additionally, they are chosen as per the ratings and reviews and no doubt is the best.

  • The first and foremost of them comes Rolex. If you are looking for best watch this shopping material would be found nowhere.  A very first design of the same originated in 1953 when there was an introduction of waterproof and dial designs. The major purpose of the watch designing at that time was for mountaineering as well as numerous other adventurous activities. Europe and North America were the first ones to have the same. As per the features of the watch, the size of the Rolex is approx. 40 millimeters and movement are Rolex. Moreover, the strap or bracelet is of Oyster steel manufacturing having an MSRP of approx. 6000 dollars
  • Panerai is the second most loved watch having a 45mm diameter. The same comes with two hands and four numerals. The watch is designed perfectly as an iconic model and is the most recognizable and lovable brand among people and users. The size is the same as that of Rolex i.e. 45mm having mechanical movements. The best feature of the same is that the watch provides users with the best power reserve of eight days. Strap manufacturing is pure leather for the same having an MSRP of approx. 5500 US Dollars
  • The third most famous one is the Audemars.  The same is a self-winding watch being loved by its users. Audemars is a sport watch basically as per its design and usage having its history back in the 1970s. Since then, the same didn’t lose its worth and has been used and remained in good numbers among users. This iconic watch has its diameter and size 41 mm with AP movement. Bracelet manufacturing is stainless for the same having MSRP of 19000 US dollars approx.

Last but not least; if you are looking for best watch this shop has material we have discussed above would surely be helping you to choose any one best out of the three given.

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