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6 Low Maintenance Flowers For Your Garden

Your garden can be the most appealing thing in your house if it is maintained well. Attractive flowers are used to add to the beauty of the garden. They add color and vigor to your garden and also a symbol of a successful garden. However, taking care of a garden is not all sunshine and rainbows rather it requires a lot of dedication and work. That’s why most people turn to low maintenance plants and flowers so that they can enjoy their beautiful garden with less hassle. Here are a few of the flowers that you should use during your garden makeover if you are not too hot on caring for them every day.


1. Sunflowers

Sunflowers are very basic and beautiful flowers to have in your garden. They are very common and you can find them quite often in parks or other gardens. They are basically easy to handle as their seeds are large and grow quickly. Sunflowers can grow in almost any environment where there is good sunlight and they also come in many colors. If you are a beginner in gardening then you can easily handle sunflowers.

2. Coneflowers

Coneflowers can handle sunny weathers, rainy weather and partial shades as well and they are very easily maintained. Cornflowers are known for their less maintenance. Their low maintenance doesn’t come with a cost as they are very beautiful pieces of nature and add value to your garden design. There are many colors of cornflowers including pink, yellow and white so you can choose from a variety of colors. They are also a source of attracting birds and bees due to their aroma.


3. Wildflowers

Resembling daisies, wildflowers come in a variety of colors and are very low maintenance flowers to have in your garden. They can survive in almost every weather and especially bloom in the sun. They don’t even leave any messy leftovers behind when they are done blooming.

4. Daylilies

If you want flowers to bloom with little to no care in your garden landscaping project, then choosing daylilies will be the right choice for you. They are one of the lowest maintenance flowers you can get from a florist. They can also survive harsh weathers and still won’t even flinch. Not only that, they are beautiful to look at. Their big flower buds look great in a garden and they are also available in many colors. Daylilies are the perfect specimen for people who don’t like or are lazy in gardening.

5. Marigold

These bright and vibrant flowers make your garden look very full and bloomy. They give off very cool vibes in your garden. Marigolds don’t require much care however they do require proper sunlight that’s why they are the best flowers to have in summer so they can bloom at their full potential.

6. Agastache

One of the most beautifully colored flowers to have in your garden are the Agastache. They are very easy to grow in your own garden and they will be fine even if you don’t pay attention to them. They can survive in cold and hot weather equally. One of its specialty is that it gives an enchanting aroma that freshens up your garden as well as invites wildlife in it.


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