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6 Things To Do On The Moving Day

A moving day sounds exciting, but it is a daunting task. There are a load of tasks that you have to complete and the thing you struggle the most with is: not to forget any important thing, which sometimes people do if proper planning is not done. We are going to help you with what to do on the moving day. If you hire the right man with a van service and it’s the day of the move, follow these simple tips to make it easier and less stressful. This way, everything will be done in an orderly manner which will result in some relief for you, we hope.


1. Make a Checklist 

Just to make sure that you don’t forget the important things to be done, start making a checklist for the moving day at least a week prior to it and keep on writing the things in it as soon as they get in your mind. Also, comparing removal companies takes time, so do it two weeks before the move.

2. Check Your House Before Leaving 

You must have done the packing prior to the moving day or even if you got it done right on the moving day, give a confirmation check to your house before you leave it for the last time just to check if everything has been packed or is there something left. Furthermore, if you are not taking any furniture along with you then do check its drawers and shelves. Same goes for all the other shelves and built-in cupboards, check them properly if they are empty or not. 

3. Keep Children and Pets Away 

While loading and unloading the stuff into the truck, there should be no obstruction in the way. Kids and pets are the biggest obstructions in this case and because of them, accidents tend to occur sometimes which can damage both the kids/pets and the stuff that worker would be carrying. To keep your children and pets safe during the moving process, consider them leaving to a babysitter for a few hours so that you can get the move done without worrying about them.


4. Don’t Take Unnecessary Things Along 

While you pack your stuff for moving house, throw away all the unnecessary stuff you come across. Keep your new home clutter-free and filled with only useful things. This not only keeps your new home decluttered but also save a lot of space in the storage boxes used to transport your things. 

5. Label Everything 

For your convenience and safer handling, label the cartons as soon as you pack them so that the ones having fragile things are handled with extra care and once they are unloaded in your new house, you can take them straight to the respective room where it belongs and unpack them there. This is a great way to prevent the mess in your new home which you will then find really hard to organize later. 

6. Pack Essentials in One Box 

Right on the day of moving, you cannot unpack every single box so, prepare a box and put in it all the basic and essential things required for the first day such as; washroom essentials, first aid, snacks, torch and cell phone chargers.


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