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How You Know it is Time for a New Mobile

With our hectic day to day lives lots of important dates can slip our minds –  appointments, birthdays, anniversary’s. It will come as no surprise that many of us will forget to upgrade our phones with it’s time. Don’t be fooled into thinking your network will tell you either, they are quite happy for you to leave you paying a higher premium for your current phone. However, there are a few ways to spot it might be time for a new phone.

You’ve Run Out of Storage Space

Once upon a time you could pop in a bigger memory card when you got a ‘low storage’ notification but these days you’re often stuck with the inbuilt memory out of the box. When that starts to run low you either delete pictures and apps to free up some space. or you can start to utilise cloud storage. Low memory tends to be a key sign that you’ve had your phone for a while. Just make sure when purchasing your new phone, you pick one with a bigger memory!

It’s Going Too Slowly

Now more than ever we have come to expect instant results. I doubt there is anyone who can claim are not frustrated when they see that little spinning wheel on their phone. Does this sound familiar? It could be a sign that your phone is slowing down and it might be time to upgrade. Also as handsets start to age manufactures stop releasing updates and support for certain devices. If you’ve noticed your phone isn’t getting as many updates as it used to then that can be a good indicator that it is time for a change.

You Need Better Value

When mobile phones first became popular you would sign up to a 12 month plan and that was that, every year you’d get a new phone. Now standard plans are double that and some operators offer 36 and even 48 month plans. And while taking a longer plan is a great way to cut down on your monthly spend, chances are in two or three years time your phone usage is going to look a little different. So if you are no longer getting the best value from your plan then it may be that your contract is coming to an end. With so many deals on the market now, always remember to shop around to ensure you are getting the best deal.

There is no doubt that getting the right mobile phone, and plan, for you makes day to day life that little bit easier. Hopefully these few tips will help remind you when it’s time to get that new phone so you can save money on your next plan.


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