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Online Casinos Reflect Growing Digital Technology

Many of our readers will have been internet users since before the turn of the new millennium. Since that time, we have enjoyed a wide range of benefits that were born from improving technology. Because this happens so slowly, it is often difficult to keep track of.

Understanding this, it should be noted that there are digital industries that have been around since the early days. Some of these, like online casinos, for example, have taken each new tech improvement under their wing. With this in mind, we want to look at how the online casino industry has changed, as it strived to keep up to date with the contemporary world of online tech.

Early Internet

The first days of the internet were not something we could possibly go back to today. Dialup was incredibly slow to connect, and slower still to send and receive data, as remembers. This meant that, for any online business to succeed, it needed to offer ‘less cluttered’ programmes and features.

Online casinos were some of the first to completely address this idea. The first online casino games were incredibly digital small and compact, and far better suited to this setting than most. After all, casino games draw their appeal from simple systems with great depth.

Dial-up connection” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Christiaan Colen

Gaining Speed

As we passed the year 2000, high-speed internet would slowly become standard. This meant that online games could become more complicated and function at higher speeds and play rates. Combined with a more efficient processing power for computers, all areas of online casino games saw improvement.

Furthermore, the reliability of online connections also enabled vast improvements. This, in turn, made popular games like online poker a reality, which took off in a huge way.

Mobiles and Casino Explosion

The next big step in online connectivity came from mobile phones, as explores. As these devices became ‘smart’, they eventually were able to do a lot that desktop and laptop computers could and, soon enough, a whole host of things that they couldn’t. With the use of downloadable apps, this included playing online casino games.

Many players took to these devices as their platform of choice, and online casino games were often the most popular ones around. From slots to blackjack, poker, and roulette, the selection here was huge.

In time, this led to the modern age of many new online casino businesses opening up. The best of these made their way to the front of the pack by offering big bonuses like free spins and cash deposits, similar to those as can be found at, for example – as well as a wide selection of different games. Today, most of these don’t even require apps, as HTML evolution has allowed these titles to be accessible straight from most browsers, thanks to site concentration and adaptation.

Smartphones!” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Sklathill

Into the Future

If we look closely at the patterns we have already observed, we might be able to predict where online casinos are going next. Whatever the biggest improvements in online technology are coming, chances are, the industry will take notice.

We are now seeing this with a big turn to online live streaming games, and there could be plenty more to come. With the new age of augmented and virtual reality just around the corner, as discusses, we might soon experience the biggest change in online casinos yet.

Whatever happens, you can bet that millions of players will be watching closely.


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