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The Surprising Historical Link between Middlesex and Egypt

Egypt is one of the UK’s most popular holiday locations and in 2018, around 450,00 people from the UK visited the African location. Unique attractions such as the Great Sphinx and the pyramids all make people in Britain want to book a flight and go on holiday there. People living in Teddington can fly to Egypt from London Heathrow, which is just six miles away.

Yet, the flights from London Heathrow aren’t the only thing linking Middlesex and Egypt. The two locations have a history that goes back more than 100 years but it’s something that isn’t often taught when people learn about wars.

Who Were the Middlesex Regiment?

In 1881, the Middlesex Regiment (Duke of Cambridge’s Own) was created. It was a line infantry regiment in the British Army and when it was created it had two regular militia and four volunteer battalions. The regiment fought in India, South Africa, France, and in the First World War, it went to Egypt.

The regiment spent two years in Egypt and Forces War Records reveals that they were part of several important battles. They were part of the Western Frontier Force and they fought in the Battle of Agagia, helping to gain control of lost Egyptian territory. 81 battle honours were awarded for their courage and sacrifices.

Where to Learn About Egypt

Most of the information about the Middlesex Regiment isn’t easily available, However, there are some ways to learn more about the regiment and the country of Egypt before the First World War.

When people think of Egypt, many think of Ancient Egypt and the sort of symbols seen in period films and video games such as the Cleopatra online slot. That slot game has beetles, cards, and gold which are some of the things that the queen would have used as symbols during her reign. Slots like The Lost Slot of Riches and Caravan to Cairo also show players some symbols from Ancient Egypt. There are ways to learn about Egypt in the First World War too, like the National Army Museum in London. Between these games and the museum, you can learn a huge amount of things about Egypt.

How to Meet Egyptian People

Teddington doesn’t offer much for those looking to learn more about the area’s history with Egypt but you don’t have to go very far to meet Egyptian people and find out more about the history between the locations. Middlesex University runs a program for international students that allows them to come and study in London. 

The university offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses and can help Egyptian students learn English. Talking to the university about how you work with these students on their English or to help them when they arrive could be a great way to make some international friends.

As you can see, Middlesex and Egypt are much closer than you probably thought. 


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