Getting away from it all – island escapes to help you tune out

When we’re planning a holiday, there are a number of motivations we consider. For many it’s a chance to explore somewhere new, soak up the local culture – including the food and drink – and even activities like cycling or running.

For others, however, holidays abroad can mean quite the opposite. And for many Teddington residents, the chance to swap life in South West London for somewhere more idyllic and peaceful is grabbed with both hands.

That often means seeking out destinations a little further off the beaten track, because while tourist hotspots like Mallorca and Tenerife offer the staples of a relaxing holiday, they can still be fairly busy environments, making it difficult to totally unwind.

Here is our guide to properly tuning out on your next holiday by heading to one of the world’s most remote destinations.

Easter Island, Chile

Perhaps one of the best known of the remote islands, Easter Island is home to the famous Moai statues and also offers an incredible landscape dotted with volcanoes. Around 100,000 people visit this Polynesian outpost each year, seeking its archaeological treasures. The island can truly be defined as being remote, as its closest landmass is Pitcairn Island, more than 1,200 miles away, while the nearest continental point is Chile, more than 2,000 miles away.

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Petit St.Vincent, Caribbean

For something a little more luxurious, but still less well-trodden than many of the Caribbean islands, consider Petit St Vincent. Home to a beautiful resort, the island prides itself on helping its guests escape the stranglehold of modern technology.

The island has no available telephones, wifi or TV for tourists, so this is probably not the best option for anybody who needs their creature comforts close by. But for true escapism you really don’t have to look any further.

Vatuvara, Fiji

A part of the Fijian group of islands known as ‘Lau’, Vatuvara is a dream destination for tourists wishing to be captivated by the beauty of nature, as it is home to a unique and diverse range of plants and animals, and recognised for its natural sustainability.

Vatuvara is accessible by private plane only, but upon arrival guests will discover decadent resorts and gorgeous beaches, as well as a great selection of villas allowing couples and families to create a home from home while they’re away.

Isola Santa Cristina, Italy

A little less further afield, but no less enchanting, is the Italian island of Isola Santa Cristina. Santa Cristina is a private island that is a part of the city of Venice and has just one villa available, meaning you’ll have the run of the place with not a tourist in sight!

The island features vineyards, a natural park and immaculately kept gardens. It provides the perfect escape for travellers who truly wish to be cut off from the rest of civilisation, if only for a week or two.

Source: Pexels

Man Island, Bahamas

The last destination on our list also fits under the deserted island category, with a land area of just 35 acres. Man island is located just off the tip of Harbour Island, which makes it a good option for a day’s getaway as part of your holiday in the region.

The island is owned by a group of individuals who are Bahamas residents and is becoming ever more appealing to tourists, so your best chance to enjoy its idyllic qualities could be sooner rather than later.

Whether you are heading thousands of miles away to a far-off clime or just nipping off the coast of Italy, there are many options for enjoying a remote island getaway. And if you’re prepared to sacrifice some of your creature comforts then these destinations offer the perfect opportunity to escape.

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