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Why Charity Casino Events Are Great for Fundraising

In Teddington, we love a local fundraising campaign. After all, charity events are a great way of helping the local community and giving back to the place we all love. That’s why, at, we recently covered the SporTedd fundraiser, the Shooting Star Hospice Fundraiser and the fundraiser for Beating Bowel Cancer.

Whether you’re looking to raise a few hundred pounds or a few thousand, picking the right theme for your fundraising event is vital. After all, the more people you can entice, the more money you’re likely to raise. For this reason, it’s great to think of a theme that’s unique, fun and highly entertaining, like casino night.

In the last couple of years, we’ve seen casino nights become an incredibly popular way of raising funds for charity. For example, a casino night in Worksop helped raise money for a young girl to have therapy in the US. Similarly, in Essex, the Tom Bowdidge Youth Cancer Foundation held a casino night as part of a Feather Ball that raised an estimated £32,000.

Why are Casino Nights so Popular?

Everyone likes to channel their inner James Bond from time to time, which is exactly why casino nights are so popular. They’re a great opportunity for people to dress up to the nines, enjoy a few drinks and bring the razzle-dazzle of Las Vegas to Teddington.

Plus, thanks to the rising popularity of online casinos these days, more people are playing casino games than ever before. These online casinos bring the thrill of the casino floor into people’s homes, opening up the world of gambling to people who don’t have a brick and mortar casino in their home towns (like us in Teddington). Nowadays, it’s also easier than ever for people to learn how to bet on roulette gaining, for example, an understanding of inside and outside bets, or what a straight-up or a split bet is. Online, everyone has all the information they need to succeed readily available.

So, with more people learning how to play online and more people having access to the games, it’s easy to see why more and more are falling in love with casino games.

How to Hold a Casino Night

Holding a casino night is really easy and great fun. But, you must make sure you follow the rules laid out by the Gambling Commission. As long as you’re running a casino night for a non-profit reason (like a charity fundraiser), you won’t need a licence.

It’s also worth getting in touch with some of our fabulous local businesses in the area about sponsorship. Many of our local businesses have a great history of helping out charity events by providing food or props. Or, you may even get free room hire if it’s for a good cause.

Then, all you’ll need to do is pick up the equipment you need, like a poker table top, a blackjack table cover and a roulette set. These will always be available cheaply, and you can always rent them if you don’t want to be left with them afterward. Remember your chips, too. You’ll need plenty of these for people to wager and raise money with.

Hosting your own fundraising casino night really is that simple. So, find a venue and start raising money. A good night is guaranteed and you could raise thousands for our beloved Teddington.


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