From Bingo to Petanque: Social Games to Play with Friends

There is plenty to do in Teddington on a night out with friends: from catching a movie to treating yourself to a night of stand-up comedy, our town is full of opportunities for fun. But if you are looking for something different to do, why not suggest an evening of games instead?

Why not try Pétanque?

Teddington is a perfect location if you are the type of person that enjoys nature and being outdoors. We have the choice of spending quality time on weekends visiting the Hampton Court Palace and the surrounding parks, or taking a stroll in the nearby Richmond park to see the famous deer – or even catching a bus to the amazing Kew Gardens. If you are planning to spend a day at the park with friends, why not try a group game out? Just bringing a frisbee or a boomerang with you could provide at least a couple of hours of extra fun – but if you want to raise the stakes, you should try Pétanque.

This game is extremely popular in France as well as Francophone countries and former colonies around the world, while it is also well-known and loved across other European countries. It mainly consists of trying to score points by throwing or rolling heavy balls as close as you can to a target – usually a smaller ball. The game –also considered a sport– falls within the wider category of ‘boules’ games and there are many variants to choose from. The best thing about Pétanque is that it is very inclusive and open to players of varying physical ability and fitness – so perfect for a group of friends. If you find you like it too much, you can also try playing competitively by contacting your local official club.

Social games for indoors

If you would prefer playing games at home, then organising a bingo night is a safe bet when it comes to fun. Bingo is a game widely enjoyed by people of all backgrounds and it is extremely easy to learn how to play. It is bound to be exciting as it is a competitive game, and you can always arrange for some funny prize for the winner to take home. Furthermore, if you find that you’ve become invested in the game, then it’s a good idea to go online: virtually all the bingo slots nowadays offer the chance to play for free first  – and you can choose any theme that appeals to you, from pirate-themed titles to the Wild West.

If you want something more intense for a close group of friends, why not give bridge a try? This incredibly popular card game is played by two couples and involves intricate strategic thinking – so if you find a few more friends willing to invest the time to learn the basics, you can spend long hours elevating your game. There are several online resources that can help you to learn how to play, as well as online simulations to help you practice. After you have mastered a basic level, it could help you socialize and expand your circle of friends by playing at tournaments organised across the UK, where bridge remains an extremely popular game.

These are just some ideas to get you started – there are many options for social games that are fun and exciting for adults to play, providing an excellent opportunity for a bit of physical or mental exercise combined with wholesome fun.

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