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How To Get Healthy And Your Skin Glowing

Its so easy to let yourself get lazy during this lock-down but remaining healthy is really important. Here are a few tips on things you can do to get fit and have your skin looking radiant.

Find Your Skin Type

Everyone’s skin is different and needs different care. Do you have oily prone skin, dry, dehydrated or combination skin?

It’s important to know what your type is otherwise you’ll never be able to get the skin care that’ll actually work for you and help you get that amazing glow.

Set Up A Routine

Clean your room in the morning, this will help you feel more free mentally.

Take a shower and remain hygienic. Showering daily is essential and can keep you from feeling down and too comfortable. It’ll wake you up and help you feel refreshed.

Do your skin care routine. Using an exfoliator is great for every other day or a couple days a week depending on how harsh it is. Going in with a double cleanser is good, you can use a more oil based cleanser to melt off any makeup and dirt and then go in with a non-oil cleanser to get rid of all the excess oil and melted make up.

Then use any serums to target your skins specific needs, for example if you suffer with hyperpigmentation use something with niacinamide in it, this ingredient helps even out skin tone.

Use a good moisturiser, depending on your skin type you can find light or heavy weight moisturisers. Also, even if you are indoors if you’re working near a window always put sunscreen on or something with an SPF. Sun damage is the biggest culprit when it comes to our skin ageing.

Eat Healthy

You’re probably sick of hearing about a good diet but what you eat is very important, you don’t have to go crazy just cut back on some things, only have something fizzy with dinner or no junk food unless the weekend or eat smaller portions.

You can even use this lockdown time to experiment with food, create healthier meals for you and your family.

Most importantly stay hydrated.


Doing a workout or dance challenge can be really fun and family inclusive. Also, once you’ve done a workout, you’ll release endorphins, this makes you feel happy.

Yoga or Pilates are great to get into, it’ll help with mobility, flexibility and strengthening your core.

Hope these tips help, if you have any ideas of how to remain healthy let us know.


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