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Protecting Your Pets From The Sun

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During this time it may be difficult to get your pets the care they need. However, as it gets hotter there are a few tips you can follow that’ll minimise any damage or illness.


Just like humans animals get dehydrated too, especially when they’ve been in the garden or out for walks. Making sure there’s a constant supply of fresh water for them is really important for their health.


Try and exercise your pets in the evening or early morning, this is when the heat will be less. Your pets need their daily dose of exercise but if they’re in the sun for too long they could get heat stroke.

Time out

It’s important for your pets health to get that time to wind down and relax, give your pets a nice area of the house that’s shaded and well ventilated.

Sun Cream

Just like humans pets also can get burned from the sun and require similar protection. You can buy pet safe sun cream and apply it daily for extra protection.

Cars, Caravans And Conservatories

Never leave your pets in these areas, even on a cloudy day. They aren’t well ventilated and the sudden temperature change can cause heat stroke really quickly.

Keeping Them Cool

You can come up with a few fun frozen treats for them to eat. Also, making sure they have loads of shaded areas they can relax and play in. Making sure the area is well ventilated and the windows are open is a good way to get some fresh air in.


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