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Ways To Adapt To Living At Home

Being in lock-down has impacted all of us in various ways, the uncertainty and being stuck in doors can cause anxiety and stress. Here are a few tips for fighting boredom.

Trying different things

There are loads of activities you can do at home to keep you entertained and distracted. You can try doing different challenges. These can be sporting challenges or even dance challenges, loads of people are using social media to do tiktok dance challenges and creating entertaining videos.

You can get creative by doing some arts and crafts. This is great especially if you’re already and artsy person but can also get your family involved. You can get the paints out and have a competition, or do some fun handprints and finger painting.

You can get some plain t-shirts and do some tie dying, this is so fun to do, and you can create some crazy patterns. This is so easy to do and kids will love doing it.

Learn how to cook, you can use this time to explore different flavours and dishes. These skills will help you even after lockdown and you might surprise yourself and end up finding new favourite dishes. You can find recipes on Tesco’s website or even watching YouTube videos for inspiration.

Pick up DIY projects. There’s always that one thing you hold back doing in your house or that one idea you push back because you’re too busy. Well now we all have plenty of time to do the things we’ve kept pushing back. You can finally sort your garden out and work on your landscaping, you can build that shed or treehouse.

Family Time

Even though everyone is at home, you may still be working, and your kids could be attending online lessons. You may not actually be spending as much time together as you think.

In the evenings you could all play board games or even create your own makeshift games. For younger kids you can create a treasure hunt in the house and for the elder kids you can do a console gaming tournament, you can buy some fighting games or co-op games that you can play as a family.

You can cook together or do some baking, making cookies and cakes are always fun.

Even watching shows or having a movie night can be really nice, you can buy some popcorn or even order takeout to get in that lazy mood.

Physical health

You can use this time to focus on you, you can finally create those habits you’ve been holding off on. You can get into running start off for 15mins and work your way up every day. You can create a workout plan or follow an existing one for 30 days. You’ll see results really quick if you stick to it.

Set up a skin care routine. Just because you aren’t meeting up with people are going anywhere doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give your skin the TLC it deserves.

If you find out what your skin type is you can cater to it. just because they say something is good for your skin, if you don’t have the right care for your skin you could end up making it worse.

If you have dry skin make sure you aren’t overly exfoliating, this can damage your skin more.

Mental Health

This time can be very difficult for everyone, being cooped up can be really difficult especially for those already struggling with mental health. Support is always available even if it’s just a phone call or family.

It can be difficult to escape the constant barrage of bad news in the media and even just being alone with your thoughts can be quite harrowing. However, there are ways in dealing with this.

Practise self-care, making sure you are sleeping late or sleeping in, showering regularly, getting fresh air, changing your environment even if it’s just another room in the house. Keep hydrated and eating healthy.

Set up buddy groups, anyone you want to talk to that can give you a daily update or check in, someone who can provide you the support you need.

Distract yourself, you can use any of the information above to help you keep yourself occupied, you can pick up a game or show, do projects, or learn something new like knitting. If these don’t help then get professional help, there are still people out there who can help you even if they can’t physically be there. People still care about you and your health.


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