How To Stay Motivated

This year has been pretty ‘different’ for everyone globally. It can be difficult for people to remain motivated with certain things, whether that be staying fit, work, keeping up with hobbies etc. Here’s a few tips that can help keep you energised and motivated.

Find Out Your Why

To identify what’s demotivating you or the reason why you’re doing something. You need to figure out your why? Why you doing what you’re doing? What’s the end goal? What you working towards? Do you like doing it? Do you need something to change?

It’s okay to spend time to contemplate and think about what you truly want. Sometimes you fall into things that isn’t necessarily what you wanted to do. Or maybe you’re bored? And it’s time to pick up a new hobby or skill.

Be Confident In Your Vision

You need to have a clear view of what you’re trying to achieve. If you blindly jump into something, you’ll find yourself lost and self-doubting midway. You need to make sure a goal is set, even if it’s small. A goal is a goal.

When starting a new hobby or working you need to feel confident in the thing’s you’re doing otherwise you’ll fall into a bad habit and not accomplish what you set out to.

Create A Plan

Once you have a goal, create a plan. Set little tasks for yourself to complete and set time aside for yourself to make sure you’ll complete those tasks. This will keep on top of things and remain motivated.

Stop Procrastinating

We are all victims of this especially whilst being stuck at home. There are so many distractions. Maybe change location, work in the garden or sit in a quiet room without a TV or the disturbance of other family members.

Find out why you’re avoiding doing something and force yourself to push past it.

Stay In The Zone

Find out what the best environment is for you. When/where are you the most productive? And try to recreate that environment. It’ll help you maintain a certain amount of energy and keep you going.

Reward Yourself

When you complete a task reward yourself. You can take a break or go out to eat or buy something nice to treat yourself. Acknowledging that you’ve completed something is a step to keeping you working towards the bigger picture.

Hope these tips help you maintain motivated. What are some of your ways that you keep that energy high? Let us know.

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