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How To Travel On A Budget

I don’t know about you, but I think we’re all ready to go on a little vacation. Don’t worry you don’t need to break your bank account to go away and here’s a few tips on how.

Set Travel Date

The time you travel, and destination does affect how much you’ll need to pay to travel. If you’re flexible on your travel dates, it’s better to go on vacation out of season. You get to see all the beautiful sights with half the cost and half the people.

However, if you want to travel within the next 30 days being flexible with your departure date can also save you some money. Some airlines also run last minute deals for flights that have open seats.

Book Your Flights, Rentals and Hotel Together

A lot of travel agents offer packages that are cheaper than trying to source everything yourself. In particular with you travel in groups you can get discounts.

Agents are a good way to go because you can get packages that offer accommodation and food/drink. These small things can help you budget your money elsewhere.

This will also save you time on planning all of the individual things on your own. 

Choosing Your Travel Destination

Being flexible on your vacation is essential, you may have a dream destination but there are many countries that can achieve the same vibe and atmosphere for a cheaper price.

Stay Local

When visiting a new destination staying local can save you a lot. You can help the local economy a lot as local guides tend to share the profit with the community. Eating at local restaurants is also a great way to save money.

Shopping at their supermarkets can help save you money on food. You can get some authentic snacks and meats.

Look At Budget Accommodation

You can go camping, this is a great way to enjoy the local environment and most campsites have ablution facilities like toilets and showers.

Glamping is one of the newest trends, this is camping out in a camper van. You can rent out a car and van and use it as a mobile hotel.

Airbnb’s are a raising platform you can find cheap accommodation anywhere around the world and some can even be better than a hotel.

Hope some of these tips were helpful, let us know some tips and tricks you know.


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