Does Your Business Need a Card Reader?

Whether you run a small or large business, the use of card readers has many benefits. A good card reader will boost revenue for your company, secure transactions, and make your clients and customers feel special. It’s only natural that you will want to generate as many sales as possible, so here are a few reasons why your business needs a card reader.


In today’s society, many consumers prefer to pay by card. If they’re unable to do so in your store, they may go elsewhere for their custom. Having a card reader in place will mean you can accept payment from anyone who possesses a major debit or credit cards such as Visa, Maestro and Mastercard. What’s more, you can display their logos in store, which helps to build recognition and trust with your consumers.

Plenty of Choice

There are a variety of different card readers available, so regardless of the type of company you run, you’re bound to find a card reader that suits your needs. To help make the decision easier, you can visit, which sells countertop card machines, portable card machines and mobile card machines. Compared with other providers who work alongside less-known bank names, you can trust UTP Group as they work with reputable and trusted banks like Barclaycard.

It’s Quicker

Unlike cash, taking card payments is much quicker for several reasons. Firstly, all a customer needs to do is pop their card in, enter their PIN and the transaction is complete. If a customer is paying for items that are less than £45, they can use the contactless option, which creates a smooth payment. The quicker the payment, the shorter the queue will be in your store, meaning you can serve more customers quickly.


If you do not have a fixed location for your company, you may have to be reliant on customers having cash on hand to pay you. Whether you’re a mobile hairdresser or in another occupation where you visit customers in their homes, using a card reader will mean you don’t have to wait to get paid. If you manually invoice and accept cheques, the process of getting paid can be time-consuming. A card reader will speed up transactions and ensure you get paid quicker.

Safe and Secure

If you decide to take card payments, this will limit the amount of money that you have on your business premises or in person. Using a card reader rather than handling cash will mean there are fewer opportunities for fraud or theft. Also, you will have less frequent visits to the bank, and not have to worry about counterfeit coins or notes. No matter which card processing solution you choose, you can be confident that they have the highest security levels, and AVS (Address Verification Service) which adds an extra layer of protection for both your customers and yourself.

To stay on track with competitors and ensure your customers are happy with your services, it’s vital that you use a card reader for your business.

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