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Tips On How To Sleep Better.

Now that certain rules have been lifted and people are slowly going to be returning to work or looking for work, you need to get that sleeping pattern back on track.

I too have fallen victim to staying up late watching Netflix documentaries to then realise its 3am and I’m basically a zombie.

Here’s some helpful tips on how to sleep better.

Stick To A Schedule

I know it’s a lot harder than it sounds, after continuously staying up late you try to go to bed early but your mind is racing and your body is like “I’M HUNGRY.” Here is what you do, you get that late night snack and fall asleep as you would, however this time you set an alarm to wake up slightly earlier than you normally would. For example, if you go to sleep at 2am and usually wake up at 11am the next night you would set your alarm for 9.45am. The idea is eventually your body will get tired earlier therefore making you wake up earlier. You keep pushing the alarm earlier until you wake up like a normal functioning person.

Get A Nightly Ritual Going

I don’t mean summoning demons but try getting a relaxing routine going that doesn’t cause stress or anxiety. Just relax, kick your partner out of the bedroom so you can have a few moments to zen. What helps me is a fresh face, I do my nightly skincare routine so I’ve physically washed away all the dirty from today from my face and ready for tomorrow. Some other tips that may help is lighting candles, playing some calming instrumentals, turning off all electronics that can cause light (including your phone.) This will help tell your body that it’s time for bed. A lot of people meditate and focus on their breathing, this can help relax your body and mind from all the drama and excitement from the day.

Make Sure Your Bed Is Good For You

Everyone has some sort of pain in their body i.e. neck, shoulders, lower back etc. You would think that laying bed can help you, well you are wrong. You could be laying on a mattress that is completely wrong for you. Depending on the position you sleep in should determine the mattress you get e.g. if you sleep on your back the mattress may need to be a bit more firmer, if you sleep on your stomach, the mattress would need to be a bit more softer. This is so the position doesn’t affect your muscles and cause you to tense up.

Also, consider getting anti allergen blankets and pillows. This is great for people who are a bit more sensitive to certain things and should help with breathing issues.

Think About What You Eat

Certain foods can release energy a lot quicker than others. Also, avoiding big meals and caffeine late at night is a good idea. Planning to eat dinner before 7pm will give you enough time to wind down afterwards.

Hope these tips help, let me know what helps you fall asleep.


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