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Guest Attire Guide for A Beach Wedding in Bali

Beach weddings are fun, modern, and creative, meant to give your guests a unique experience. This is especially true if you are planning to have a Bali wedding.  Beach weddings also give your guests the perfect opportunity to wear those beautiful, summer style dresses. When planning your Bali wedding, it is always a good idea to create a dress code. This is the best way to ensure the guests dress comfortably and still blend in with the beautiful blue ocean that makes your backdrop.

Because it is a beach wedding, you can expect it to be hot in Bali. Therefore, the dress code should comprise of something light and fancy. For the groom, shorts or linen pants, a light shirt, and bare feet are a good idea. The bride can wear a white, airy dress. From the bride and groom’s dress code, you can easily come up with an idea for your guests.

To get the best dress code for your wedding, here are some factors to consider.

Choose a light fabric

Beach and outdoor weddings take away the formality of a wedding occasion, which should be fun and happy. A beach wedding gives your guests ease and freedom to be one with nature as they witness history in the making. The perfect attire for beach weddings should be made from lightweight and breathable material like mesh fabric or silk. Avoid attires that are too tight and instead go for something that leaves room for the breeze to circulate. Free-flowing dresses are the best choice for Bali weddings.

For men, denim and cumbersome suits should be avoided. Instead, go for cotton fabric linen pants or shorts. Ties and coats are not the best choices for beach weddings. Go for a patterned or plain button shirt and sandals of loafers for your feet. You can wear a light-colored blazer to give your look a stylish finish.

 Flat shoes

The worst mistake you can make as a guest is to wear heels for a Bali beach wedding. While you will look good, walking on heels in the sand is an uphill task. The best choice is a pair of stylish wedding flat shoes. Flats are also ideal for the bride and the bridal party since they are on their feet for long hours. Flat shoes offer comfort throughout the day.

Guests can wear sandals of boat shoes as the perfect shoes for their attires. For women who prefer some height on their shoes, wedges are the perfect alternative to heels. Apart from the wedding theme colors, neutral colors, and nude work best for any beach wedding. For men, it is advisable to wear shoes that do not need a pair of socks.

Consider the ocean breeze and the sun

Even though you want to wear your best attire for a beach wedding, it is also important to protect yourself from the blazing heat of the sun. The best accessory for your beach wedding attire is a hat, apart from enhancing your look, it also protects you from the sun. Avoid wearing dull colors, especially black. Also, go for sleeveless and short sleeve attires for men and women. If you do not have a hat, ensure you have sunscreen.

Consider the natural outdoor elements

The ocean, sand, sky, and sun are primary elements at the wedding venue. When deciding on a dress code for your guests, ensure you incorporate all these natural elements. Go for cool colors that match the wedding motif. Floral designs are some of the best choices one can make.

Formal beach weddings

If the beach wedding is formal themed, it is still possible to wear suits and ties. However, it is essential to stick to light or neutral colors such as khaki, grey, or brown as these are beach appropriate. For women, long dresses and gowns are the best choices with wedge or flat shoes. Even for formal beach weddings, choose attires made from the lightest material while ensuring it is not too casual.

With the right attire for your wedding guests, you are sure to have the most memorable, picturesque wedding in Bali.


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