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How To Prevent Cyberbullying

With the increase of social media use and being in lock-down, a lot of children have access to the internet and are exposed to social media. However, there is always the dark side to everything, and social media and the internet are no exception. There are loads of people who use the internet to be mean and hurt others. Here are some ways to prevent this.


The best way to handle cyber bullying especially with children is to talk to them about it. Be patient and ask about the problem, however, don’t be pushy or forceful they need to feel comfortable with opening up. This way you can tell how much they’re involved.

Celebrity Card

These days people look up to celebrities a lot more, especially since you can follow them on social media. A lot of these celebrities are supporting cyberbullying victims. Many of them post on their socials reaching out about the problem.


You can monitor their online activities, setting internet curfews and you can use certain apps that allows you to track social media movement. If you follow your children on social media, then you can see who is causing the most harm to your child or who your child is causing harm too. You can also use parental control to setup settings that can help.

Volunteer In The Community

Understanding the situation and volunteering to help victims is a step-in stopping cyberbullying. As well as learning strategies and the best ways to dealing with a victim or abuser.

Restore Self-Respect

The main goal is to protect and restore the victim’s self-respect. You need to make sure they feel safe, that they know they’re better than what other people are saying. Make sure you have the right evidence before making a move to fix the problem and not make it worse for the victim.

Cyberbullying is a massive issue especially with young people. If we can tackle this on early, then less people will be hurt.


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