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How To Start Cycling

Cycling is a massive sport and highly encouraged, especially in Europe. It’s a healthy sport that helps our eco-system and has a great community. However, cycling can be dangerous especially commuting which can be scary to some people. Here are some tips for beginners to help get them keep safe and get started.

Choose The Right Bike

You need to identify where you’ll be cycling the most. What’s the terrain like? How long would you be cycling for? Etc. Different terrain require a different set of wheels, for example if you’re going to be cycling on dirt roads and hills, thick mountain bike wheels are best. For casual commuting, thin, lightweight wheels are better and more convenient.

The frame of the bike is important too, not only should it be a comfortable size for you but it needs to be strong enough and suitable for the environment you’re cycling in.

The Right Gear

You not only need the perfect bike, but you need the correct gear to go with it. A helmet is always important, it may not look great, but it’ll save your life and that’s what’s important. A cycling kit can help too, it’ll help you remain comfortable and soak up all the sweat, also help you be noticed as a lot of cycling gear is neon and reflective.

Depending on your peddles you can get specific shoes for them as well.

Make It A Habit

Cycling the first few times can be quite tough on your body. However, don’t quit, it’s just your body adjusting within a few days the pain will ease and it’ll get easier and easier.

Make it a consistent thing, cycling everyday to work or doing events can really help push you to continue.

Prep the night before so it’s all ready for you in the morning and you don’t have to spend time looking for everything.

Stay Safe

Make you always wear the correct gear, your lights are fully charged and working, and you always have multi-tool on you in case of emergency. Also, make sure you have identification in-case of an accident.

Cycling is great and a lot of people enjoy it, there’s loads of cycling events and tours that you can join and make loads of new friends as well. Hope these tips help.


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