How To Switch Off From Work Completely

Since being in lock down and working from home has been mandatory, it’s been harder to escape from work when you basically live in the same environment. It’s easier to let go of the stress of work when work was in another building but now that it’s where you sleep how do you switch off? Here are some tips that could help.

Avoid Checking Phones

Due to the advances of technology it’s easier to have your work emails and other software linked to your smart phone. Having this quick link to work can make it harder to switch off especially when working from home when your office is literally in the other room and answering an email or doing a task has never been quicker.

Turn your work phone off, or hide your email notifications when the working hours have finished. You need to get rid of the temptation or the mindset of ‘lets just get it over with’ away. It’s not healthy as it blends the day together and you never get a break.

Don’t Talk About Work Much

The moment you’ve finished work you should leave it there. talking about your day is normal but constantly chatting about work or a particular issue can cause you to stress out quite a bit. It can make you think negatively and go to bed anxious.


You don’t need alcohol to de-stress (though a glass or two may help) there are other ways. You need to learn to be in the present moment and focus on positive things. Taking a bath, going for a walk or meeting a friend can really help take your mind off things.

A Hobby

You may want to be more productive than watching TV. Picking up a hobby can really help distract you from work. Painting, playing an instrument or learning to cook something new can be therapeutic and feel like you’ve achieved something.

Make Plans

Work can be really repetitive and boring, planning some exciting things to do can bring more positivity to your life and have you something to look forward to. Saving up for a holiday or any future plans can make working worth it because you are aiming for a bigger thing.

With these tips you are sure to turn off from work and enjoy life a bit more.

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