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Roast red grouse, mushrooms, bone marrow and blackberries

There is a very short season when we get to cook and eat grouse – The King of Game. The game run usually starts in the middle of August and wraps up after a pretty speedy month if you’re lucky. We’ve been fortunate enough to get a couple of last deliveries from our game supplier. So book now to avoid any disappointment in having to wait another whole year to try it. 

All red grouse are wild and are never farmed or reared for hunting like partridges are. Their heather moorland habitat is carefully controlled and managed by teams of gamekeepers, who try to maximise the size of the bird population each year. In doing this the UK proudly produces some of the finest birds imaginable. Fresh grouse is sought after due to its rich gamey flavour, it’s also low in fat and high in protein. The country’s top restaurants will fiercely compete for the honour of serving red grouse and we’re lucky enough to have some for you too.



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