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Looking For An Unique Art Piece? Simply Reflective May Be The Place For You

Simply Reflective was founded by Paul, a Teddington resident who had an idea, a dream, a way to simply find himself and a new direction in his life since being made redundant a few years ago.

“Hi my name is Paul and I’m a resident of Teddingtion, I just wanted to introduce myself and Simply Reflective. Having little luck with seeking employment, surprisingly it was on a trip to Ilfracombe on a family break that I popped into a shop called “Bones to Stones,” this where I had an idea to frame crystals and minerals.

Then for whatever reason I watched a YOUTUBE clip by someone titled Mixed Media Girl; I was hooked by the way she painted and created Art. The seed was sown and I began the journey to where I am now, I like to think the Art I create is unique, no two paintings are the same, It’s like it’s living when it moves on the canvas, it chooses the design, I just help it along.

At Simply Reflective I think that Art is in the eye of the beholder, when looking at Abstract Art we all see or feel something different to the next person, the art is reflective of what the eye is seeing and the person is feeling at that time…Simply Reflective.

I hope you enjoy the art and the various ways it’s produced, please drop me a line if you have any enquiries, lets enjoy the journey together. Thank you for dropping by and hopefully you see something that is Simply Reflective of you.

Find Paul on Facebook: @Simplyreflective


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