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People Are Warned To Stay Away From Deer In Royal Parks

Authorities who look after London’s Royal Parks such as the ones in Richmond and Bushy are warning visitors to keep at least 50meters away from deer due to safety concerns.

A press release was released by Royal Parks containing a number of photos showing visitors getting uncomfortably close to stags to take photos in Richmond and Bushy Parks.

Not only can that be dangerous and cause unnecessary disturbances to wildlife, but it’s even more so during October as it’s rutting season. Making stags highly charged and aggressive.

Stags spend most their time this season attracting hinds and challenging other stags. This makes them highly irritable, aggressive, hungry, and tired.

This exhaustion and hunger, coupled with testosterone levels rising higher, make them less likely in the mood for people and dogs, which can make them highly dangerous to approach.

The park advises:

  • You stay 50 metres away
  • Keeping dogs on leashes or walking them else where
  • Not feeding or touching the deer
  • Not taking close range photos
  • Never get in between two rutting male deer

Deer rutting can be an amazing thing to witness, if people appreciate and enjoy nature then they should leave the wild animals alone.


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