30 New Affordable Homes Coming To Teddington

Richmond council have approved for 30 new affordable homes to be built at the ‘Strathmore’ site in Teddington.

In a statement announced on Tuesday, a council spokesperson confirmed that the approved plans include 24 affordable homes for rent, plus six affordable shared accommodation.

Other developments have been given the greenlight as well. Which include a new nursery building for the existing nursery service, plus an additional 36 parking spaces and new landscaping in the area.

The council have said this development is the “biggest scheme using Council owned land in more than 10 years”.

The development is being done by Developers PA Housing; however, Richmond council are the ones who get to nominate who would get the opportunity to live there.

“Rented homes will be allocated to households nominated by the Council and priority will be given to households who live and/or work in the Borough to purchase the shared ownership homes,” a spokesperson said.

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