Richmond Council Wins Court Case Against Cadent Gas

Due to breaches in safety, Richmond Council has pushed for Cadent Gas to be fined in legal case.

Cadent Gas Ltd was fined over £37k for various safety breaches and operating without a valid street works permit.

Cadent Gas pleaded guilty at Lavender Hill Magistrates Court on the 15th October for 2 offences.

First was for doing work on a public highway without a valid permit and next was working unsafely on a public highway that breached Section 65 of the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991.

The sentencing hearing took place on the 26th October at the Wimbledon Magistrates Court.

Due to an investigation by Richmond Council they found that contractors working for Cadent Gas, set up a work site with no signage, lighting, or guarding. Also no provisions for pedestrians especially those with disabilities.

Although these workers were contractors and don’t officially work for Cadent Gas, the court ruled that they still have an obligation to make sure everything is done responsibly and the contractors are managed. Cadent Gas were sentenced to pay £37,139.75 in fines and costs.

Councillor Alexander Ehmann, Chair of the Transport and Air Quality Committee for Richmond Council, said:

“Residents rely on utility companies to fix and repair problems swiftly. We support them to do so. However, they must operate safely.

“When we receive reports that companies are not, we investigate and take swift action. It is disappointing that Cadent’s contractors were sloppy in putting the safety of pedestrians and cyclists first and they are lucky there were no accidents.”

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