Things to do at Home During the Winter Months

The dreaded L word (lockdown) is one that I’m sure we have all become accustomed to now. With England in the midst of its four-week lockdown, we’re certain we can’t be the only ones dreaming of what we will be doing once lockdown has eased.

In the meantime, however, not all is lost. If you are finding yourself at wits end of how to keep yourself occupied indoors during these winter months, we have you covered! If you find yourself unable to do things in the garden due to the cold and often soggy weather, or if you don’t have a garden, we have plenty of ideas to keep you entertained.

Lose yourself in a book

One of the most common suggestions while indoors, reading is a favourite pastime of so many people worldwide. Whether you are a crime fiction fanatic, or adore autobiographies, what better time to curl up and read a book than during these colder months. Get your favourite book, blanket and companion and get comfortable! If you are a novice reader, or unsure what to pick up next, Waterstones have an excellent range of books, with many on offer. Read with your children, or as a lone wolf. The possibilities are endless. You never know, this could even inspire you to begin writing your own…

Learn a new language

If ever there was a perfect time to prepare yourself for future travels! If you are finding yourself with a lot of spare time in these winter months – let’s be real, lockdown means we all have ample spare time – put some of that time to the test. With plenty of resources online, there is no excuse to not give it a go! Popular apps such as Duolingo have taken the world by storm, providing users with the opportunity to choose from 30 different languages. Whether it be Spanish, Mandarin or even Hawaiian, the choices are unending. Start with the basics and go from there. Completely free to use, this is a great way to expand your vocabulary and learn about other cultures. What are you waiting for?

Online Gaming

This is something which many of us have enjoyed, particularly throughout lockdown. Whether you are a hardened PC gamer, or simply enjoy playing a bit of Candy Crush, this is a great way to kill some time when stuck indoors. Many families have made the leap and invested in a games console, whether that be a PS4, Xbox or Nintendo Switch. These are all great ways to eat up some time, and to bond as a family! As the world evolves, so does the gaming world. Don’t worry though, not all games online are stuck behind a paywall. There are plenty of free options out there, so you can find one you enjoy. For those looking for adult-only games – including that of gambling – are also spoilt for choice. Hundreds of online casinos provide visitors with thousands of different games to choose from. To find out more about the types of online casinos available, and the services that they provide, see this post.

Let’s Get Crafty!

This is something that the whole family can get involved in! Raid the arts and crafts box for supplies, or get some in from shops that sell craft supplies. Particularly at this time of year, making homemade Christmas decorations is a really good way of killing some time. Get into the festive spirit and let those creative juices flow! On the back of that, if you are finding that you enjoy creating handmade gifts and decorations, consider bulk-creating and selling them on Etsy and other such e-commerce stores. Gives you something to do while stuck indoors, and a bit of extra money in your back pocket. Two birds, one stone!

Movie Marathon

A hobby as old as time. Movie marathons are a great way to spend a drizzly day on the sofa with the family. Wrap yourselves up with your favourite snacks and your favourite series during these winter months. Are you a Disney fanatic or a Marvel fiend? Either way, platforms such as Disney+ and Netflix have oodles of choice for you and the family to enjoy this season. If you are like us, and a bit of a Potterhead, you’ll be reaching for the Harry Potter films. The Wizarding World has compiled a list of how to prepare yourself for a Harry Potter marathon.


Finally, another hobby that many people have enjoyed throughout lockdown. Get the kids and grab your aprons, it’s Bake-Off time! Hosting a competitive baking session with your family is bound to be fun and leaves you all with sweet – and savoury – treats at the end of it. If you are stuck for ideas about what to cook, or want to try something new, many websites have a selection dedicated to cooking and baking with children, so you can find the best recipes for you.

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