The local community group SporTedd, which supports sport-themed projects in the area has continued its work throughout the pandemic and has now handed out over £23.000.

The latest grant for £1300 goes to Teddington Women’s Rugby, known locally as ‘The Antlers’ for six new tackle bags. (see photos)

In their application to SporTedd the Bushy Park-based team, which is also on the look-out for new players, stated: “The grant would be used to purchase the equipment listed above to help new and existing players continually develop, as well as keep players engaged in the general game and training.

“The rules and regulations surrounding COVID currently mean we can’t participate in fixtures and certain aspects of training are also restricted. This equipment would mean we can begin to and continue to work on certain skills and maintain the level of performance required for us to remain and succeed in our current league.

“Beyond COVID, the equipment would be used for many years to come to continually develop new and existing players and work on aspects and techniques we can utilise on game day.”

A spokesperson for Teddington Women’s Rugby said: “Some of the new equipment has arrived and looks amazing. Many thanks again for the grant from SporTedd and your fantastic support. It makes a big difference, especially at this tough time for sport.”

SporTedd member James Johnson, who helps assess the merit of all SporTedd applications said: “We are delighted to be able to support such a good cause as Teddington Women’s Rugby which is really growing in popularity in the area and will hopefully go from strength to strength in 2021”

If you are involved in a local sports group or team that needs a bit of financial help please do get in touch with SporTedd at and fill in the application form.

To learn more about the Teddington Antlers go to

These are the successful applications and grants made up until now:

•         £500 to EPIC SUP(Twickenham Riverside Paddle-Boarding Club) to purchase storage facilities for their kit.

•         £500 to Teddington Swimming Club to purchase pace clocks and other equipment.

•         £720 to Crossroads Carers to purchase 12 karate kits for young carers with disabilities.

•         £1000 to Chase Bridge School to purchase sports kit.

•         £1805 for Twickenham School for outdoor table tennis tables and rock climbing equipment.

•         £2146 for St.Richard’s CE Primary School for football kit, swimming kit, tracksuits.

•          £1988.25 for St.Mary’s CE Primary School for netball kit, basketball kit and tennis equipment.

•         £1000 to DS Active to purchase sports kit and related uniforms.

•         £700 for Heathfield Junior School for two sets of rugby kit.

•         £705 to RUILS to fund transport for their wheelchair walking group.

•         £2370 for Teddington Torpedoes to fund the training of swimming coaches (of which £790 is still to be funded)

•         £1000 to Half Backs Ltd to purchase rugby balls and equipment.

•         £2000 to The Horse Rangers Association to help them fund the acquisition of a mechanical horse.

•         £1300 to Teddington Women’s Rugby Club to purchase tackle bags.

•         £1053.03 to Meadlands Primary School to purchase PE equipment.

Grants Committed

1.£2500 to The Friends of Murray Park to contribute to the £3000 cost of setting up and running a Junior Park Run.

2. £1350 to Lowther Primary School to purchase basketball hoops, football goals and dance kits.

3.£1125 to TAG Youth Club to purchase nine safety mats.

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