Life After Lockdown: What Tennis Can Do For You

Lockdown has been a taxing time for many, so looking to the future with hope might be just one of the coping mechanisms at your disposal.

Tennis can be one of those rays of sunshine poking through the murky clouds above. No matter what level you play at, swinging that racket and sending balls blasting across the court can be incredibly invigorating. Millions of people have sunk countless hours into the sport, and for good reason.

Here’s what tennis might do for you in a post-lockdown society.

Provide Flexibility?

Lockdown has thrown many sports into disarray, and tennis is not above all the rules that have come to be.

However, it’s probably fair to say that tennis would be one of the first sports that is deemed to fit to play when things slowly transition to a place of normalcy. Rules allowing, it may be possible to play tennis as lockdown is slowly eased, due to opponents being stood far apart at opposite ends of the court, well over six feet away.

This means that while many others may be facing restrictions, you might enjoy some safe wiggle room in your day-to-day life to do other things. This is all just speculation of course, but the point remains – tennis is probably going to be one of the first sports that becomes playable again. Hopefully!

Encourage Total Investment

Part of the charm in a hobby is giving it new life overtime, researching all the latest tools to customise and upgrade your experience.

For example, All Things Tennis have an endless supply of excellent rackets, clothes, balls, bags, and practically any other equipment as provided by a quality UK tennis shop. You’re guaranteed the best online prices here, with next day delivery from DPD being an option also. Ultimately, it’s never been easier to get into a sport like tennis, or to nurture your love of the sport over the course of your lifetime.

Agency is always a lovely thing, and tennis gives you that. When you play against a single opponent, you get exactly what you want out of the experience with every swing of your racket. A painter paints, a reader reads, and a tennis player approaches the game in the same focused and almost solitary fashion. You can strategize or use accessories that add depth to the experience. Ultimately, the level of distraction and investment tennis provides is invaluable, especially during tougher times.

Help You Meet People

The great thing about tennis is that there are no more than four participants, which means great things for a post-lockdown social life.

Team games such as football or netball can bring you into contact with lots of people, but you may not necessarily make good friends with all of them. Of course, there’s no guarantees you’ll gel with the people you play tennis with either. However, because there is always between two and four of you on the court at once, you stand a better chance at making friendships of a higher quality.

Depending on the level you play at, you can have friendly competition with your opponent, or simply chat away during a casual rally. There’s not really much room for either of those things in larger team sports, because discussions will be regularly interrupted by the game and the players you like best might be elsewhere on the pitch. Consequently, it’s safe to assume that tennis provides more of a bonding experience.

Sport is rarely social, but tennis accommodates that side of things during the play more than most. Better yet, as of June 2020 the sport is amassing more popularity than ever before, so the chances of meeting someone with common interests becomes more likely from thereon. In the end, the tennis court is a good place to make a friend who you can truly get to know.

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