The Royal Parks – 6 things you should know about deer birthing season.

According to Royal Parks, over the next few months around 300 deer will be born across Richmond and Bushy Parks. Giving birth is a vulnerable time for any animal, but with both parks attracting millions of visitors every year, it’s magnified for these herds of wild, free-roaming deer.

Following the announcement by Royal Parks that it is compulsory for dogs to be on leads until 2 August 2021, it is important to steer clear of nursery areas and always keep at least 50 metres away from all deer. 

The Royal Parks website has detailed six things you should know about birthing season:

  • Female deer will often give birth away from the herd
  • Deer deploy other methods to deter predators
  • Deer can usually stand within 45 minutes of birth
  • Newborn deer are left in a suitable hiding place whilst their mothers forage
  • Dogs must be on leads in all areas of the parks
  • The Volunteer Rangers are here to help

You can read more here.

For information on how to safely photograph deer please read the British Deer Society’s Code of Conduct.

To report an injury to a person, dog or deer, please contact:

Richmond Park: 0300 061 2200 or email

Bushy Park 0300 061 2250 or email

Photo Credit – Terri Watson and Amanda Cook.

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