NHS Need More Blood Donors

The NHS in London are asking for more blood donors to step forward and help with a surge in demand for blood in the capital.

Donors in London were urged to keep their appointments or book new ones this summer as demand for blood “creeps back to normal capacity” after falling previously.

Extra appointments have been added at four London donor centres to meet this demand.

This included:

The Twickenham centre, where just 3 in 10 appointment slots are currently booked out.

There were 3 in 10 appointments at Shepherd’s Bush donor centre.

5 in 10 appointments at Stratford donor centre

6 in 10 appointments at West End donor centre.

NHS authorities in London want to fill those slots out to keep blood stocks strong and make sure health workers can “ensure patients continue to get the lifesaving blood they need for emergencies, childbirth, surgery, cancer treatment and to treat blood and medical conditions” an NHS spokesperson said.

Two blood groups in particular, O negative and B negative, are of particular importance for health workers and people of those blood types are especially urged to consider donating.

O negative donors have “the universal blood type” that can be used with any patient, and so are considered the “lifeblood” of emergency services with donations always needed.

B negative is meanwhile one of the rarest blood types, so donors with this type are needed to keep stocks up and help patients.

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