What You Could Implement Into Your Organisation To Help Boost Productivity

In order for a business to thrive, it needs to work with their employees to find ways to boost productivity. Here are some things you could implement to help reach this goal.

Extra Breaks

Benefits and perks such as extra breaks are a sure way to help provide motivation to your team and organisation as a whole. That’s because they will be able to recuperate more and fire themselves up for when it’s time for work. Workers who are working long shifts may become more tired and slow down, whereas workers with regular breaks will be more productive.

Reduce Distractions

Distractions are one of the leading motivational and productivity killers around. It can come in a few different shapes and sizes, from games to social media browsing. The way in which you remove distractions can be difficult, as you have to do it with care. If you walk into the room and demand they hand in their phones, then you will only serve to alienate your workforce.

Equip Your Team With The Right Tools

Of course, an employee will be hindered if they are not given the right equipment and tools that they need in order to thrive. It’s almost like tying back one of their hands as they work, which will of course impact how they work.

The right tools could refer to physical things they need in order to create a product, or it could be utilising the best and most innovative software in order to work more efficiently. Whatever it is that they need, you should be working with them, and not against them, in order to find what will help boost their productivity.

Educate The Organisation At All Levels

No one within your organisation, including a business owner, will be exempt from educational improvement. That’s because humans are always evolving to be the best they can possibly be and one way in which they do that is by improving their knowledge.

It’s no secret that many business models and practices can become obsolete, or just outdated even within a year, due to changing factors and innovations. That’s why everyone within a business needs to be learning industry advancements and management techniques to get the best out of everyone where possible. Employees who are educated with modern business practices are employees who will be more productive, as they know what to do.

There are plenty of different ways in which an individual or group could be educated. It could be done in-house, either with a department leading the education or done via a professional education outlet. These universities and colleges have a range of different online courses that can benefit people, from financial education, to management techniques, there will be something for everyone.

Going online makes it easier than ever to educate staff, consider funding a few courses to get people interested. Online short courses could be beneficial at all levels of the business and are certainly worth looking into. Online courses usually last a few weeks or a few months, ensuring that you don’t lose too much working time.

Improve Working Conditions

Of course, improving the working conditions of your office or workplace is a great way to help improve productivity. That means understanding the UK workplace laws, in order to keep the standards high.

Some elements of your business that you should look to improve include the schedule of your employee’s work. Worker’s hours of work are regulated and should look to not go over 48 hours per week. Whilst employers can get workers to go over this limit with written consent, employees themselves can opt out.

Of course, employers and managers need to ensure they are providing a healthy and safe workplace for their employees. It is not only something they need to provide, but it is also something that is legally protected. It’s enforced by the Health and Safety Executive which has the power to look into workplaces that are breaching the rules and could even prosecute an organisation or individual.

Set Goals

One method of helping workers become more productive is by setting regular and achievable goals for them to reach. This gives them something to work towards and helps them feel a sense of accomplishment.

Many organisations and managers make the mistake of setting annual or quarterly goals that employees may not feel motivated to complete. Whereas if you set smaller daily or weekly goals, then they will be able to think about what they’re doing now to make the biggest impact.

Offer Support

Lastly, no employee will be productive in an organisation that they feel is either against them or simply won’t support them. Support can be offered in a few different ways, from giving them clear direction to follow, to helping guide them through difficult times in their life. Employees who feel valued will always give value back to their place of work.

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