Have your say on Hospital Bridge Road and Turing House School road safety improvements

Richmond Council is looking for further feedback on road safety improvements on Hospital Bridge Road in the Whitton/Heathfield area, following a virtual Community Conversation meeting last month. 

The Community Conversation took place on 29 June 2021 and provided an update on the works to be carried out as part of the planning agreement for Turing House School (the S278 works) and discussed plans for improving the junction of Hospital Bridge Road and Nelson Road, with an aim of improving provision for pedestrians.   

A number of residents explained that the previous proposals fell short of their hopes for more significant change, and as such Richmond Council has significantly altered its proposals and is now asking for further feedback on these revisions. 

There are a number of updated changes to improve road safety at the junction of Hospital Bridge Road and Nelson Road, including: 

  • Removal of the large central island and informal crossing point 
  • A new zebra crossing on Hospital Bridge Road, slightly set back from the junction 
  • Widening of the grass verge area between the junction and the existing zebra crossing outside of the shops to create a new pedestrian pathway linking both zebra crossings 

Additionally, the proposed highways works to assist pedestrian access and safety near to Turing House School’s entrance includes: 

  • The introduction of a zebra crossing on Hospital Bride Road south of its junction with a newly aligned Montrose Avenue 
  • The removal of the central island/roundabout in Montrose Avenue to form a simpler T-Junction 
  • Filling in the bus stop layby just south of Montrose Avenue to increase space for waiting passengers. The bus stop would be relocated slightly further south away from Montrose Avenue 

For a full list of the proposed changes, visit the consultation page. 

Residents and businesses in the area will have received a letter with details of the consultation. An additional study looking at longer-term options for improving walking and cycling conditions along Hospital Bridge Road is also underway and users of the road are encouraged to complete a questionnaire that will help to inform this. 

Cllr Alexander Ehmann, Chair of the Transport and Air Quality Committee for Richmond Council, said: 

“Local councillors and Richmond Council officers were joined by residents in last month’s Community Conversation on Hospital Bridge Road and Turing House School road safety. The discussion allowed residents to share their views and we have used these views to update the proposed changes that we hope will improve safety, pedestrian provision and reduce vehicle speeds.  

“We want residents to continue to be a part of the conversation and the process, so please ensure your voice is heard by completing the online consultation and questionnaire.” 

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