Teddington becomes London’s best place to live in 2021

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A leafy and unassuming suburb of southwest London, Teddington has just been catapulted into the spotlight. It was recently named the best place to live in London by none other than the Sunday Times. Its transports links, scenery, and surroundings have all helped make it a highly desirable location for home buyers.

Welcome to Teddington

Teddington sits on a stretch of the Thames between Strawberry Hill and Hampton Wick. It’s predominantly residential and has a large high street, which hosts boutiques, cafes, pubs, and restaurants. A bridge connects one side of the Thames to the other, and only a small portion of the area contains high-rises.

The area traces its origins back to at least 971 AD when Benedictine monks built a chapel to St Mary there. Over the centuries, the population grew slowly and steadily, enhanced by the presence of royalty that lived nearby. A railway was constructed in the mid-1800s, which fuelled further population growth. Today, it boasts a network of Victorian and Georgian houses, private and state schools, several churches, various boating, football, and hockey clubs, and the Landmark Arts Centre.

The area also boasts some 1000 acres of greenery, otherwise known as Bushy Park. The park is popular with cyclists, joggers and runners, dog-walkers, and those fond of picnics. Other plus points highlighted by The Times include a strong sense of community spirit, a number of independent shops, and of course, its proximity to the river.

The housing market

Source: Pexels

Prices in Teddington have risen as much as 10% in 2021 when compared to 2020. As prices in central London fall, the demand for suburban living in close proximity to green spaces continues to grow. Its place in the Times’ list will also likely impact prices as more seek to live in this previously somewhat overlooked area.

Right now, the average price is over GBP 816,000. The most common kind of property is terraced, selling for GBP 834,042. Demand is expected to stay strong and we could see declines elsewhere being made up for here.

If you are currently living in Teddington, this could also be a great time to consider a move. With demand increasing and prices going up, you’re in a prime position to close quickly and make a profit. The first step is to see how much your house is worth. You can use a free online house valuation tool to give you an idea of what to expect. This will also provide you with an overview of the market in your area, and use that data combined with the information you provide about your house, and the site will estimate how much your home is worth. Based on that information, you can decide whether you’d like to sell it.

Whether you own property in Teddington and are thinking of moving, or you want to become a resident, now is the time is now to start looking. With property prices on the up and interest piqued, it’s sure to be a fast-paced and dynamic local market. Full of benefits, including rivers, parks, and a real community feel, it’s not hard to understand why Teddington is London’s best place to live and one of the best in the country

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