Ultimate Guide To Eco-Friendly Living

It seems that in 2022, being eco-friendly has become a bit of a buzzword, but that doesn’t make it any less important. The impact we are having on the environment cannot be overstated, which is why we must do what we can in our own lives to reduce our impact. Studies have shown that around 77% of people want to learn how to live more sustainably, so we have put together this ultimate guide that will give you some tips and tricks.

Reduce Plastic Waste

One super important thing you can do to live an eco-friendlier life is to reduce your plastic waste. Because plastic never truly breaks down, it ends up making its way into our environment in the form of micro-plastics. So, when you are trying to be more sustainable, think about the plastic you use and the ways in which you can reduce it. Things like switching to reusable straws, reusable water bottles, and reusable shopping bags are all small changes you can make in your life that can make a huge difference.

Upgrade Your Home

Another way to live an eco-friendlier life is to make some changes within your home. Unless your house is a new build, it is unlikely that your home will include aspects that are energy efficient. An energy-efficient home is a great way to live an eco-friendlier life, so start thinking about the changes you can make to your home. One change you could make is to upgrade your windows and doors to that they do not let any heat escape. These windows by Veka plc could be a good option for your home as they are energy efficient and can withstand the effects of any sort of weather.

Shop Second-hand

Shopping second-hand is another tip that could help you live a more sustainable life. Although fast fashion makes buying clothes accessible, ultimately the clothes are of a lower quality, and often this means they end up in a landfill. Shopping second-hand is a great alternative to this as it means that you are giving a second life to preloved clothes. Not only this but shopping second-hand is also a lot cheaper and often the money you pay will go towards a designated charity. If you do only prefer to shop new clothes, then perhaps consider researching companies beforehand, so you can find brand that are eco-friendly.

Eat A More Plant-Based Diet

Eating a plant-based diet is another positive change you can make in your life. The meat and dairy industry is extremely damaging on the environment, so even if you make some small changes, you could be making a huge difference. Switching to a completely plant-based diet can be tricky, so you may find it easier to start by slowly cutting things out, instead of getting rid of them instantly. Although most restaurants do have plant-based options, it might be easier for you to start cooking meals at home, as you can control what goes into them.

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