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Lib Dem leader and MP for Kingston and Surbiton Sir Ed Davey will be quizzed in April


Former local MP and Lib Dem leader Sir Vince Cable to give evidence at Post Office Inquiry



The leader of the Lib Dems and MP for Kingston and Surbiton Sir Ed Davey and the former party Leader and MP for Twickenham Sir Vince Cable are to give evidence to the Post Office inquiry about their role and knowledge of the Horizon computer scandal, which wrongly convicted hundreds of sub postmasters, who are now fighting for compensation.

Sir Ed, who was postal affairs minister between May2010 and February 2012  has been criticised for failing to meet Post Office campaigner Alan Bates  whose role in fighting for justice was highlighted by ITV’s recent series Mr Bates v The Post Office which has sparked a massive public outcry over the scandal.

In an interview on BBC Radio Four’s programme today he said he was the first minister to meet Mr Bates and added he took his concerns “very seriously”. “When I put those concerns to the Post Office, concerns about the Horizon IT system, I’m afraid I was lied to,” he said.

With a general election coming up, Sir Ed said he had not considered stepping down as Liberal Democrat leader and has issued an apology ‘for net seeing through the Post Office’s lies.’

“When I go out there campaigning, we’re finding incredible results in seats that only we can beat the Conservatives in,” he said. “The party is very keen for us to fight this election really hard under my leadership.”

The lives of many sub-postmasters and their families were ruined, with many prosecuted, some sent to prison, others bankrupted and losing their livelihoods with criminal records, some dying before knowing their names were cleared. Their fight for justice continues with the Government promising swift action.

Former Lib Dem leader Sir Vince Cable was Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) – the department with direct responsibility for the government-owned Post Office – from May 2010 to May 2015.

The timing of their roles in Government makes them directly responsible for government oversight of the Post Office during the period that questions about the Horizon IT system and postmasters’ convictions first came to light.

The two men will be among a long list of witnesses including former Post CEO Paula Vennells, who recently hand back her CBE after public pressure, who will give evidence when the inquiry resumes with Phases 5 and 6 which will address access to justice, complaint review and mediation scheme and responses to the scandal and compensation schemes as well as governance, technical competence, oversight and whistleblowing.

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