How To Look Like Teddington’s Keira Knightley This Summer

Okay, so it’s highly likely you can’t actually look like our very own Keira this summer – she’s so effortlessly beautiful and stylish it would be foolish to think we could look exactly like her. That glowing smile, pearly white teeth, and warm eyes are impossible to replicate. However, it is not entirely impossible to chase her style. The Love Actually star is a fashion icon for a generation; even Sienna Millar has described the actress as her beauty icon. If it’s good enough for other stars, then it’s good enough for us as we look forward to summer.

That’s right, we might only just be escaping winter’s clutches, but summer is just around the corner. Lazy days relaxing on the super bench in Bushy Park are just within reach, and what better way to enjoy Teddington than paying style homage to one of our most famous daughters?

If you want to get the Keira Knightley style right this summer, here are a few fashion tips to follow, which will have passers-by doing a double take just to make sure she’s not back home for the summer sunshine!


One key part of any summer outfit is the sunglasses – they’re both functional and stylish. When the sun does poke through the Great British clouds, it poses health risks in terms of UV exposure and glare, so a walk in the park means sunnies are a necessity.

Keira needed glasses as a youngster and is often seen in a pair now. Even if you need glasses, you can still look effortlessly cool in the summer. Many brands, such as Ray-Be, produce prescription sunglasses, and there are a few models Keira has worn recently that you can try. She has been spotted in Ray-Ban sunglasses, the RB 3816 model, known as the Club Master Double Bridge. The tinted lenses and gold frame will even look good among the autumnal colours we begin to see as summer begins to turn, and you can have your own prescription fitted so you can still keep a keen eye on what’s happening around you.

If they’re not for you, Keira has also been seen in rounded frames, namely Cutler and Gross T44 Lunigal, and the remarkably similar Giorgio Armani AR8053—plenty of choices for you to hide your eyes, like our favourite Pirates of the Caribbean star.

Cropped Top

When the sunshine comes, the flesh is out around Teddington. Some styles work for everybody, whilst others are perhaps best reserved for those who enjoy a lot of gym time. That’s where our second Keira-style tip comes in – the crop top.

It’s fair to say Keira appears to be a fan of the gym, and she loves a crop top. Whether that is on screen in Bend It Like Beckham or out and about as herself, she has a washboard tummy and cute belly-button piercing to show off, and she definitely shows it off.

There’s a bonus here – a crop top doesn’t necessarily mean the sports bra she made famous. In 2022, she had a stylish Chanel cropped jacket on for the opening of Le Grand Numéro, an exhibition showcasing the company’s fragrance range. The key here is not necessarily having the supposed ‘perfect’ figure to show off an exposed belly. We don’t have to be ripped like Keira; if you’re body-positive and feel good, then why not go for a neat little crop top paired with jeans, shorts or a skirt, whatever makes you feel comfortable?

Summer Dress

There’s always a temptation in the summer to grab the shorts and top to get the sun on your skin, but the ever-demure Keira is a big fan of the summer dress. Often long and flowing, a summer dress cuts down on the potential for sunburn, allows good air flow if it gets too hot, and keeps you looking fashionable and on point.

A nice summer dress is also flexible – there’s nothing tying you to a certain colour so you can match those sunglasses and even accessories like a belt, depending on your own tastes. Keira isn’t one to always be seen in the same colour. Blue, black, green, and even a hooped Fat Face style dress will do the trick.

The one thing you can say about Keira Knightley’s summer fashion is that it is flexible. There are no set colours or styles, but she clearly feels comfortable and happy in whatever she wears. Perhaps that is the most important piece of advice to follow when you’re out in Teddington this summer. Be proud, be comfortable, and if the most famous Teddington export gives to a little inspiration, even better!





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