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Crane moves into begin demolition job at Hampton Wick Royal Cricket Club in Bushy Park
Firefighters tackle the fire the day after it broke out
Arson is suspected in pavilion blaze last September


Demolition work finally began today on the Hampton Wick Royal Cricket Club pavilion today following the catastrophic blaze which destroyed the building last September.

Heavy machinery moved on to the site to remove the tangled and burned out debris of the charred remains of the buildings just eight days before the start of the new season.

Club Chair, Sam Kemp said:  “Tuesday, 2 April will see the start of the work to demolish the remains of the pavilion.

“At last we will start to see tangible results from all the hard work that the Pavilion Rebuild Board have undertaken since 7 September last year.

“Particular big shout out and thanks to Simon Coles, Emma Beavan and Ben Houghton for this achievement. This is the result of their hard work with the Royal Parks management team, Richmond Council and the appointed contractors to reach this milestone.

“Our target is to complete the demolition and remove the rubble before the Adult league season starts. More info will follow during the demolition works because vehicle access and parking will be compromised during the demolition.

“Work also continues in the background to establish the temporary facilities ahead of the season.

“This will be a challenge whilst the demolition is in progress. Our target is to have a combination of portacabin type structures and a semi-permanent marquee in place as soon as possible. Watch this space for regular progress updates.”

He added: “It’s a day of mixed emotions for The Wick. Demolition has begun on the remains of the clubhouse following September’s arson attack. Loads of great memories of our old pavilion – but we are excited for what is to come and to build back better.”


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