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Photos by Sue Lindenberg

One of Bushy Park’s regular photographers Sue Lindenberg reports sad news from Heron Pond overnight

The swans, which are always a big attraction for visitors, appear to have lost SIX of their eight cygnets.

“I  pray they will go on to keep and rest their remaining two beautiful babies,” wrote Sue on social media.

The new-born cygnets are always vulnerable to the Park’s wildlife especially the herons and the foxes and birds of prey.


Swans with original EIGHT cygnets photographed by Cathy Cooper

Photographer Cathy Cooper told Teddington Town: “It was a sheer delight on Sunday while on Ranger duty in Bushy Park, to suddenly see the resident pair of swans appear with their new babies.

“We stood on the edge of Heron Pond with a group of visitors from Romania and counted eight cygnets.  The parents were so attentive and proud keeping them all together and safe.

“The following morning ranger Graham McHutcheon got to the park early and could only see two cygnets both riding on mum’s back.

“This was later confirmed by Sue Lindenberg. There was no sign of the other babies so it looks like they were taken overnight.  We are all very sad about this loss of life.  Swans are such good parents and it must be devastating to them.”




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