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Portraits or landscape entries welcome


Are you a keen photographer who would love to see your work come to life in a glossy calendar?


Well, this is your big chance if you have captured stunning images from the wildlife and plants and trees from Bushy and Home Parks.

You might have treasured shots of the fallow and the red deer, bugs or birds,  or the beautiful selection of flowers, bushes or trees.

The complexity of a spider’s web or the amazing condominiums which ants construct over many years.

The possibilities are endless.

Here is the detail that you need:

You are invited to submit photos showing views, fauna and flora across the seasons in both parks for our 2025 Friends Calendar.

 Please email your photos (maximum 6) to:

Please submit in the following format:

 * Landscape orientation photos are required for each month & a portrait orientation for the  cover


* Low-resolution. We will ask for hi-res if your photo is selected

* Send as an attachment, rather than in the body of an email

* If you submit similar images, please give each a number

* Please rename your photo with your surname, title (optional), month, the park where the photo was taken and the approximate location. You can put the photo information in the body of the email if this is easier.

e.g., Smith2, February, Bushy Park, Woodland Gardens or Jones, June, Home Park, kestrel near the Long Water.

 The deadline for entry is Sunday 16 June 2024. All photos selected will be credited with the photographer’s name.

The competition goes from strength to strength and Calendar sales sells well at the Friends’ Visitor Centre, next to the Pheasantry Café in Bushy Park.

All profits from calendar sales go towards supporting projects in the two parks.

We look forward to seeing your photos showing both parks across the seasons. We have had some dramatic weather events in the past year which should make for some interesting images.

Courtesy of Jeannie Edwards

Janet Baylis

Manager- Digital Photo Archive



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