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Female swan badly injured in dog attack in Bushy Park


Depth of wound suggests a large dog was responsible
Swan is still unable to walk but showing some improvement
A Bushy Park swan has been severely injured in a vicious dog attack, it was revealed today.
The swan is fighting for her life at the Shepperton Swan Sanctuary and is still unable to walk following the attack which left a deep wound to her thigh.
The Sanctuary was alerted by a member of the public on Saturday evening, who reported that the swan had been behaving ‘strangely’ and not attending her nest with five eggs and the injured swan was removed from the Park for urgent treatment.
Officials ruled out a fox and believe the dog, described by the Sanctuary as ‘bigger than a Jack Russell,’  had dragged the swan from the creek which runs from the Hampton Court Court Gate up the children’s playground and is known as The Queen’s River.
A spokesperson for the Swan Sanctuary said: “There must have been witnesses to this event and the owner would definitely have been aware of the attack. There are plenty of signs about dogs being kept on leads but some owners still choose to ignore the advice.
“She is showing some signs of improvement but only time will tell.”
The male swan remains in the Park and, according to officials, is being very protective to the five eggs in the nest, which are said to be ‘cold and probably not viable.”
The attack has triggered a wave of outrage against irresponsible dog owners on social media. Some examples are below:
Top fan
Maureen Jones

I am sooo angry I am a dog owner and this should not happen ever no dogs should be off the lead in wildlife parks… and why didn’t he or she report it asap!!!! Shame on the owner !!!
And this is less than a week after the Swan Attack in Home Park that I called you to. I cannot believe the ignorance of some people. They clearly have no respect for the wildlife that surrounds us. Shame on them. Am angry and sad to read this but than…
Friendly reminders are not going to change things. We need fines handing out and dog wardens on duty there to do it. If there is no enforcement then people will just do what they like.
Unfortunately the only way to stop these attacks on the wildlife is to ban all dogs except guide dogs etc .I know there is responsible owners but unless there’s a total ban or handing out hefty fines this won’t stop.
I’m a dog owner & can’t understand why anyone would let their dog offlead in a park with other birds etc. Hope Mum recovers well.
As a responsible dog owner this makes me beyond furious, dogs MUST be kept on a lead & under control, which part of this don’t people understand, Bushy Park need to be handing out hefty fines to anyone caught with their dog off lead.
Will the male swan be able to incubate the eggs on his own? He must wonder where his mate has gone 😢 I hope this sorry saga has a good outcome. Thank you for responding so swiftly The Swan Sanctuary; please keep us updated if you are able.
Makes me so angry. Stupidity in the extreme from an irresponsible dog owner.😡
We are past friendly minders something needs to be done. Makes me so angry 😡😡🦢🦢
Is there anyone local who could form a group of Volunteer “Watchers” who could attend on a rota basis? Just to be a presence & hopefully deter people with dogs & others from getting close to Dad & nest?
Teresa Finlay

We watch our dogs all the time if they’re off lead but we’ve also trained them to leave all birds and wildlife alone. We have ducks visiting our pond at home for a daily feed and our girls totally ignore them.


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