5 tips for decluttering before a move

Does the thought of moving make you sleep badly? For many people, moving house is a stressful time that can be unpleasant. However, you can help yourself to make this process easier by decluttering ahead of time. Tidying out can save you time, money, and nerves. And leaving the old behind creates space for the new. In this article, we show you the 5 best tips for doing this.

Plan in advance

So you have decided to move and declutter. And you may also have decided to hire a moving company. First, it is important to start planning the clear-out early. Decluttering can be started at any time. You could plan a calendar for clearing out, where you specify which rooms you will tackle and when you want to do it. Moreover, you should also not declutter too much at once, as this could lead to excessive demands. Setting daily goals can also help you make more progress.

Recycle, Donate, Sell

What decluttering strategies should you prioritise before moving day? And how can you transform your old items into someone else’s treasure? You can recycle old electronics that you no longer require. And remember to donate any old clothes to people who urgently need them. In addition, perhaps you have things at home that you no longer need but can still be turned into money. This money could be the budget for your housewarming party with friends and family. 

The One-Year Rule

Have you ever kept things even though you haven’t used them for a year? This infamous one-year rule lets you easily decide whether or not to keep this item in your life. Ask yourself: Will I really use this item in the future, and do I really need it? This rule can free you from the just-in-case mindset. With the 1-year rule, you can save money because you have fewer items to transport to your new home. Give this rule a chance; it can make decluttering easy. 

Digital Declutter

In our digital age, we attach little importance to decluttering our digital content.  Nevertheless, there are many valuable strategies that can help. Removing old files or unread emails, for example, can be very liberating. Or the satisfaction of having organised all your precious photos and videos into well-structured folders can also be satisfying. When did you make your last backup? Data backup should not be neglected either.

Mindful Packing

Now that you’ve invested a lot of time in clearing out before the big move, it’s time to pack your things. Here, too, you should ask yourself whether you really still need the items you are packing. This is called mindful packing. Leave nothing to chance and only move the things you really need to your new home. This can save a lot of nerves and time. 



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