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Exhibition organisers David and Claire Ivison from Teddington, dressed as a Major in the US Army Air Corps and Claire as Captain in the US Women’s Army Medical Corps
Scores of visitors turned up at the exhibition was also open yesterday


Small pole with SHAEF flag marks the spot where huts stood during preparation for D Day landings


Helmet found in Bushy Park

Score of visitors descended upon Bushy Park today to  see a special exhibition about the crucial role that Bushy Park played in the World War Two and D-Day.

The park was turned into a massive Army camp called Camp Griffiss and today small flags marked the spots where the huts stood in the park back in 1944.

A camouflaged marquee was full of diagrams, photos, memorabilia – contained fascinating facts and figures about the importance of Bushy Park as the headquarters of SHAEF (Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force)

Organisers David and Claire Ivison and the Friends of Bushy and Home Park were dressed in replica uniforms of the US military at the time. David was dressed as a pilot who would have flown small aircraft from a runway by the children’s playground.

David said: ” It has been a wonderful event with a really significant turn out. We are really pleased but a but disappointed that the role of Bushy Park was not highlioghed more in the massive coverage of the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings. Bushy Park had a central role.



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