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Work to repair and upgrade the lock gates


New hydraulics for the gates
Temporary walkway in Ferry Road


A major project is underway to refurbish the lock gates at Teddington as well as the new upgraded ramp which leads to the footbridges in Ferry Road, it was confirmed today.

Passers-by, dog walkers and cyclists cannot fail to see the temporary building site at the far end of Ferry Road where a new walkway is bring created because the current structure is old and in disrepair.

But a team of workers, cranes, heavy machinery and massive sandbags can be seen near the launch lock. The gates need to be cleaned and repaired as, over time water has seeped into the gates and put pressure on the mechanism.

New wooden strips will be installed on the inside and outside edges of the gates, to allow them to fit snugly against the lock wall, but the bulk of the steel gates will be put back.

The hydraulics operating the gates will be new – and some of the concrete surround will be rebuilt, but is mostly able to be repaired. It needs to be strengthened to take on the new hydraulics.

Maria Herlihy, waterways manager for the River Thames at the Environment Agency, told Teddington Town: “The concrete structure of the launch lock at Teddington needs repair, so we are using the opportunity to refurbish the lock’s two eight-ton steel gates and the equipment that opens and shuts them.

“The gates, which are 5.5m high and 4.5m long, will be taken away, cleaned and repaired. The sturdier gates will then be able to accommodate new upgraded hydraulic equipment powering them.

“Our engineers believe water may have got into the gates, making them harder to operate.

“When they are back in place and the launch lock is open again, it will be a smoother passage for the 6,000 boats that travel through Teddington every year for business or pleasure. These include the local RNLI rescue crafts.”


  • The refurbishment began in April this year and is due to be completed next spring. All the work is weather-dependent.
  • Engineers are carrying out a full survey of the launch lock, so that any other issues that need attention can be assessed and appropriate action taken and engineers will create a digital image of Teddington Lock that will make future inspections and subsequent work much easier. 
  • During the closure of the launch lock, boats will be diverted through the barge lock.  
  • The launch lock at Teddington is the largest of three at Teddington, accommodating larger vessels than the barge and skiff locks. 
  • Ongoing maintenance and provision of facilities at Environment Agency sites is paid for through boat registration fees.

The actual footbridge is full closed for the first time tonight (friday) at 8pm and will reopen on Monday morning at 6am to allow crucial work on the ramp approaching the bridge.












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