Association of Dunkirk Little Ships Veterans Cruise


14:00 - 15:30

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On Saturday 3rd Sept 18 historic vessels of the Association of Dunkirk Little Ships will host Veterans of recent conflicts including the Gulf, Falklands, Suez and Malaya along with War Widows. Veterans will join the Little Ships at Thames Motor Yacht Club near Hampton Court and will progress down stream passing through Teddington Lock about 2pm. The flotilla will then proceed to Richmond and turn to pass back through Teddington Lock around 3.30pm.
This is a very special occasion and always attracts a lot of support which the Veterans and War Widows richly deserve. Please spread the word and come along to Teddington Lock or wave from the river bank to greet the Veterans.
On Sunday 4th the same Little Ships will host Veterans from WWII between TMYC, Hampton Court and Weybridge Mariners on Shepperton Lock Island.
For further information feel free to contact the organiser Mr Ian Gilbert

Meeting at Teddington Lock




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