26/09/2016 - 16/11/2016    



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Every Monday and Wednesday from 20h00-21h00

Njinga Cycling, an Indoor Cycling and performance lab, are launching an indoor cycling programme in their Hampton Wick studio on the 26th September until the 16th November 2016. Their programme, specifically designed by a British Cycling coach to produce results, will help you to become a stronger cyclist and guaranteed to improve your FTP Score over the course of the 8 weeks.

As the final months of the year come to a close Njinga cycling are offering a training programme like no other! Njinga’s state of the art Wattbikes will help transform your cycling, whilst their unique cycling community will challenge your limits with your fellow riders to set your best ever Functional Threshold Power (FTP) test scores.

So why take part in this indoor training programme?

Njinga’s indoor training programme will provide:

• Pre & post physiological testing to track improvements
• Accurate training zones for power & heart rate
• Group indoor training, building confidence, with the focus on improving your functional threshold power test scores
• A more equal power distribution in your left vs right leg
• Increased leg strength
• Increased average speed and power
• Increased nutritional knowledge
• Unique sense of cycling community and camaraderie.

Njinga’s Autumn FTP Booster indoor Training Programme is specifically designed by a British Cycling Coach to produce results and ultimately is perfect for cyclists wanting to kick start their winter training for next season’s cycling challenges. Their programme has been designed to culminate with either a winter sportive on 19-20th November or a Njinga ride out to help track how far you have come.

Njinga Cycling say this will be the best decision you make for your cycling but what do their rider’s think:

I started an 8-week FTP booster course, and saw my cycling go from strength to strength, add over 5% to my FTP score (on a bad day) and I know there is plenty more to come.
The programmes really develop you as a cyclist in technique, physical and mental strength and a level of confidence and discipline I hadn’t even thought about – religious stretching, proper nutrition, recovery and focus that set me up to really enjoy a week of racing around the Cape. I would thoroughly recommend Togo and Njinga to anyone who wants to get a head start on the bike, push yourself to go harder and faster, have fun with some great people, and ace your next approach up Box Hill!
Ruth Clarke
Type of Cyclist: Sportive / Endurance rider
Completed: Winter 2015 FTP Improver Group Training Programme

Njinga Cycling are gearing up for an unmissable 8 week indoor training programme so to be involved and for more information contact: info@njingacycling.com today.